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If you would like us to take a look at a damaged Microsoft Access, SQL Server or Exchange database for you, then please complete the form below and submit it.


Tell us a little about who you are and how we can contact you:

     First Name:                         Last Name:                        Organization:
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Now tell us a little about the problem you are experiencing:

     Which database technology and version is involved:  

     How large is the damaged database file:     MB's

     What (human) language was it in:     

     Is the file secured:  

     What error message (and number) are you receiving:     

     Please provide additional details that may help in the recovery, such as how you first determined something
     was wrong, what the last valid activity was before trouble struck, what you've tried so far, etc:
     In some cases, where system level information is badly corrupted, it can save both time and money if a
     'structure-only' copy of the database is available for reference.  Do you have a backup of the database that
     is similar in structure:     

     (Note:  If you have such a backup, create a 'structure-only' database by creating a brand new database, then
     importing all objects - including the tables, but without their data - into this new database.  Send this new file to
     us, along with your corrupt file)


Please zip the damaged file before sending it.             
    Zip file name:                    File size

And now tell us how you wish to get the file to us.  In general, ftp is the preferred means of file transfer, but if the zip file is larger than 250MB, physical media may be preferable, and if the zip file is smaller than 8MB, emailing it as an attachment is acceptable:

      PK Solutions' ftp site

           With your browser, just click on the link below, then Drag and Drop the zip file from your hard drive
           to the blank web page that appears. (Alternately, if you're using Mozilla or Navigator, you could select
           Upload File from the File menu in you browser):

                                       Click here to upload via FTP using your browser
           When the file has been uploaded, it will NOT be shown on the web page for security reasons:
           If you prefer to use a third party FTP utility, like WSFTP or CuteFTP, please use the following details,
           remembering that it is very important to specify the remote host directory, as if this is not specified
           there will be a limitation on the size of uploads that may prevent your file from being received:

                      FTP Host Name:   ftp.pksolutions.com
                      Host Remote Dir:  /incoming
                      Username:           anonymous@pksolutions.com
                      Password:            guest

      your own ftp site at 

           A technician from PK Solutions can log in to your site as: 
           Username:   Password: 

      the following physical media 
               Mail or courier it to us at:

                        PK Solutions
                        Attn: Database Recovery Team
                        2852 Willamette Street, #138
                        Eugene, OR 97401

                       Tel: +1.541.513.5777

      as an email attachment (sent to rescue@pksolutions.com)

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