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PK Solutions is a 'boutique' supplier of specialized security services.  We don't attempt to do everything.  Instead, we fo a few things, and we do them very well. 

For example:

  - When we vet security features in an application, we are happy to do so on a contingency basis, confident
    that we will indeed identify inherent security flaws and charge nothing if we fail. 

   - Our visual identification solution for vehicles is not the only such solution available, but it is low cost, can
     process multiple searches in realtime, maintains the privacy of non-targetted vehicles and can be used
     in conjunction with a key-escrow system to avoid abuse.  Other solutions can not make these claims.

   - Language parsing is not uncommon in and of itself, but a lightweight solution that requires no data lookups
     yet can parse multiple streams against a full dictionary for multiple target languages is indeed unique.

Application Vetting
Visual Applications
Language Parsing

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