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Image acquisition and analysis has been an active area of AI research within the computing community for decades, with military and intelligence uses from the very beginning.  However, with the advent of wireless communications, low cost CCD cameras and pervasive computing, a wide variety of new non-military uses are being discovered for these technologies. 

One of the key public uses for such technologies is the automatic acquisition of vehicle identification and location data.  Collection can be from mobile units (typically patrol cars) or fixed points (toll booths, intersections, driveways) and can be matched in realtime against target lists.  The realtime processing of vehicle identification information is critical because it allows for privacy protection in that non-matched ids do not need to ever be stored, resulting in information reporting solely on prior identified targets.   Uses vary from passive fleet management, to asset retention and criminal apprehension. 

We can offer full turnkey solutions, or simple consultancy services in this area.

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