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Information held by an organization is both an asset and a liability.  Its value as an asset is, of course, well understood.  The potential for it to be a liability has long been accepted, but it is only more recently that the true scope of the potential liability resulting from information held (or misheld) has become better and more widely understood.

However, there is still a common problem.  While organizations now readily accept that they must be more keenly aware of the potential hazards posed by the information they hold, they typically consider this in terms of the information as they interface with it through whatever applications, forms, reports, etc they typically use, along with the digital representation of that information within their computer systems.  They do not typically consider the meta-data that is created as their information is stored, retrieved, maipulated, etc. 

When a dispute arises, either of a criminal or civil nature, it is not just the presence of certain key data than may be relevant to any resulting inquiries, subpeanas and investigations.  It is also often the history of that data's storage, usage and manipulation that is crucial. 

Through our comprehensive forensics services, we can provide such context, helping to clarify issues that may otherwise seem ambiguous.  In the past, this has provided help for both the defence and prosecution of claims.

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