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When a software project, being developed internally by an organization, runs into trouble, there may be a lot of finger-pointing, increased stress, and frustration.  The original assumptions upon which the decision to develop the application were made may have turned out to be faulty, or additional nuances and limitations in the technologies and languages being utilized may have become apparent.  Skills assumed to be present, or expected to be extended as part of the project may not have materialized on schedule, or to the extent required. 

Regardless of the cause, the result is often the same.  The project gets scaled back, goes over budget and gets behind schedule, and may even result in failure.  Consultants may be brought in, or added to the existing team, but while costs escalate, the project continues to stumble.  A re-design may be advised.

This is the exact sort of situation where our meta-consulting services are ideal.  We can provide independant evaluation of project status, identify the key remaining issues stalling progress, and code intelligent solutions that bridge technologies, add otherwise unavailable capabilities and extend the tools used.  We focus on providing timely and specific solutions to the greatest technical challenges within the project, then happily step back and provide the guidance necessariy for the original team to complete the project.

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