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A growing problem in some industries is the way in which spreadsheet and desktop database products like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access (among others) are used by ‘power users’ to develop ad hoc solutions or extensions to line-of-business applications.  While these products can often serve a very valid and inexpensive role in providing various departments with flexible and lightly automated solutions to certain ‘edge’ problems, the organization as a whole often comes to rely on such extensions.  Inevitably, these ad hoc solutions are not fully and properly incorporated into line-of-business applications until it is too late, and un-auditable problems arise.

We can effectively review Microsoft Office, Open Office and similar spreadsheet, database and related files created by power users and relied upon by organizations, reviewing their logic and data flows, and incorporating their functionality within line-of-business applications in c++, c#, Visual Basic, java and other programming languages, and within enterprise relational database systems.

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